Polypool S.p.A. is part of an Italian industrial group, which is leader in the production of electrical products suitable for industrial and non-industrial purposes. The group develops its commercial and manufacturing network in the international and national market. The productions plants, which are provided with the most innovated production facilities, manufacture over 11.000 products guaranteed by the principal European quality certification institutions (IMQ, VDE, UTE, KEMA-KEUR, SEMKO, NEMKO, etc.).

At the beginning of 2015 PolyPool S.p.A. has taken over Ardes S.p.A, company focused on the production of small household appliances. Thanks to this acquisition Polypool S.p.A. has strengthened its position, in the wholesale market, in the small household appliances stores, in the hardware shops as well as in the international market. Polypool S.p.A is increasingly becoming the leading company in terms of quality, safety and competiveness, for both, distribution and customers. For more information about Ardes S.p.A. visit


By virtue of a consolidated experience and a widespread commercial network, Polypool S.p.A. selects the best products for the DIY distribution. Moreover, it also creates customized assortments according to the needs of each store. (ex. Hypermarkets, DIY, etc). Polypool S.p.A. offers a global service, including:

  • Packaging optimized on the requirements of the customers
  • Punctual and fast deliveries
  • Presence and collaboration of our team in every store
  • Technical, detailed and simple instructions for the use of the products with the highest safety
  • Manufacturing processes designed to guarantee the respect of the environment
  • Implementation of the guidelines named “Codice del consumo” (D.Lgs 206/05), to transfer to the customers precise and trustable information
  • Logistic management with automated systems
  • Adoption of the international coding system GS1 (EAN codes) for each level of packaging

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