OHSAS: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

Polypool S.p.A. achieved the certification of health and safety in the workplace on the 17th of December 2013. This means that it has been complied the norm BS OHSAS 18001, with the certification number 9192.PLYP, which demonstrates the conformity of the system to the management of health and safety in the national and international legislative area. The certification BS OHSAS 18001 attests the willing of the company to respect the health and safety of the employees and workers, who do outsourcing in different businesses.

The management system of Poly Pool S.p.A. complies the requirements of the norm BS OHSAS 18001, in both of the business operating units:

  • Via Sottocorna 21/B – 24020 – Parre (Bg)
  • Via Festi 440 – 24020 – Villa d’Ogna (Bg)

The certification BS OHSAS 18001 attests the application of unified procedures to the working processes, aiming to improve the performances and supervise the risk of a dangerous event in the workplace or in activities directly connected to Polypool S.p.A. Our company, in order to achieve the certifications, demonstrated to the authority rigorous management processes and it met health and safety standards stipulated by the existing legislation.

The certifications OHSAS of Polypool S.p.A. : 


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