Polypool S.p.A. selects products and packages designed and developed respecting the Italian and European norms in order to preserve the environment . Polypool S.p.A. applies and enforces the suppliers to respect the obligations concerning the safeguard of our planet. Our products comply to the following directives:

The RoHS2 DIRECTIVE (2011/65/UE) limits the use of hazardous substances; in our catalogue are forbidden products with a concentration of dangerous metals, such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other dangerous substances, that exceed the limits of the directive.

WEEE DIRECTIVE (2012/19/UE) replaces the WEEE (2002/96/CE), which regulates the management of the waste produced by the equipments and electricity (WEEE): All the products belonging to the WEEE directive are identifiable by the “roll-out containers crossed through” symbol.

REACH regulations (n° 1907/2006) concerns the registration, evaluation and authorization of the chemical substances. The regulations involve all the supply chain and give precise rules to comply.

Batteries directive (2006/66/CE) regulates the management of waste derived from batteries and accumulators. Furthermore, it sets the flow of the electrical and electronic equipments waste.

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