Polypool S.p.A. is symbol of quality granted by the main Italian and European certification institutes. Polypool S.p.A. follows precise rules in the selection of the products, inserting in the catalogue only items that comply the norms in the matter of safety and quality. The packaging is designed and developed in order to satisfy the Italian and European norms that safeguard the environment. Furthermore, Polypool S.p.A. complies carefully the guidelines of the “consumer code” (D.Lgs 206/05) in order to transfer to the customer precise and transparent information.enti.

Quality brands

The quality certifications guarantee that:

  • The product complies the norms
  • A third party subjected the products to all the tests, which verify the conformity to all the safety requirements before the introduction in the market
  • The production company has been submitted to all the verification tests
  • The production is periodically subjected to monitoring by the certification authority for the maintenance of the quality standard

It is evident that the quality certifications are a guarantee of safety and trust of the products. Moreover, they are a reference for the customers’ choice. The “Istituto del Marchio di Qualità”(IMQ) is the Italian authority that certificates and tests the conformity of the products to the Italian norms. The mark ENEC has been instituted by CENELEC (the European Committee for Electrotechnical standardization) and it certificates the conformity of the products to the European standards, it substitutes the singular national certifications. In fact, the national authorities can enact ENEC certifications, but the logo shall be followed by the number that identifies them (for example IMQ enacts the certification ENEC03). This certification is applied mainly to lighting, transformers, connecting devices, switches, monitoring devices, household appliances.
Furthermore, quality certifications, such as VDE, OVE are released by national authorities of others European countries.

The CE certification

It is obligatory that the manufacturers apply on the products, which follow the norm 2004/108/CE replaced by the 2014/30/UE entered into force since the 20.04.2016, commonly called “Directive of electromagnetic compatibility” (items that might release electromagnetic waves), the CE mark. Moreover, this mark is also mandatory for the items that are part of the directive 2006/95/CE replaced by the 2014/35/UE, which is into force since the 20.04.2016, commonly called “Low voltage directive” (electrical products designed to be used between 50 and 1000V and between 75 and 1500V). The CE mark (which is not a quality mark) is a self-certification of the manufacturer that attests the conformity of the product to the European standards. This administrative measure has been wanted from the EU council aiming to remove the barriers of a free trade inside Europe. However, electrical household products, such as adaptors, plugs, sockets, reductions, wireless multi-plugs for tables do not need the CE mark, since there are different standards between European countries.

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