The low voltage directive, which interests almost the entirety of the household electrical products, establishes that can be introduced in the market only those products that are produced in accordance to the safety technical norms. However, between the hundreds of electrical products commercialized in Italy, it is possible to find some, which are dangerous for the health of the consumers.

The choice of the Made in Italy guarantees higher quality, even if it is proper to say that not all the products in the market are equally safe. Some companies test their own products among third parties, with the aim of certificate the safety and quality of the items. Those independent authorities after proper laboratory tests, which comply the technical norms, enact the authorization to apply their own quality certification.

Istituto italiano del Marchio di Qualità

The Italian institute of the quality certification is the most important Italian certification authority, which is the leader in the evaluation of the conformity of the products in Europe. This institute does laboratory tests in the electrical, electronic and gas fields. The IMQ operates through the disclosure and the awareness of thematic, such as safety, quality and environment. IMQ purpose is to verify the conformity of the products to the CE mark, it checks the certification of the management system, controls the compliance of the buildings and installations and it performs laboratory tests. Besides, it provides technical assistance and training courses. The fields, in which IMQ is active are electronics, electricity products, telecommunications vehicles, plant building and building products.

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